SHORTWAVESITES - The Shortwave Transmitter Site Archive

This group has been created for the those with an interest in shortwave broadcast-band transmitter sites - for both current & historical transmission sites, whether still standing or long since removed. 

Our group was originally established as a Yahoo Group in 2005 serving over 200 members. We're here for Shortwave Radio Enthusiasts, SW DXers & Clubs, Radio Historians & Shortwave Radio Engineers with a passion & interest in SW transmission (TX) facilities.
Our purpose is to provide topical & accurate information about both current & historical domestic & international shortwave (SW) broadcast band radio station TX site infrastructure pertaining to: tx, antennas, site plan layouts (ant./feeders) etc.
We also welcome stories from technicians & engineers of their time spent working at shortwave transmitter sites.

We provide:
1. Updated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (two files) of both current & extinct SW broadcast radio transmission site data, i.e. one for each.
[Restricted to regular contributors - Currently being updated, available in early 2020]
2. Share & access photographs of SW transmitter sites.
3. Access a database of stations that list transmitter sites on their QSLs.
4. Discuss SW TX site topics of interest & share images about SW transmitter sites within our popular MESSAGE area, including relevant links to videos, webpages etc.
5. Access our Links page to webpages about SW transmitter sites.
...and much more

Our TXer site files & website is a work in progress.

As the exact location of many TXer sites remain unknown, our group is kept active with arduous & often challenging research. We thrive on each others enthusiasm & encourage the sharing of our knowledge & material. Online tools that show Streetview & satellite/aerial imagery assists with our investigations & research of SW TX sites.

The group very much welcomes input from any member with news & assistance with researching material pertaining to SW TX sites.

Private information & offers for voluntary assistance with the archive project should be directed to: shortwavesites (at)

Please visit our public website (below) for our membership requirements PRIOR to joining.
Please read the membership requirements & email us direct with your details at the moment of requesting to join our group.



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