Re: The future of the SOA ?

Oliver Shaw




First,  please accept my apologies for the AGM.


Second,  thank you for your consultation document on the future of the Association.   The concept of such a consultation seems a very sensible step at this time,  and I will endeavour to respond in a day or two with some considered thoughts.










From: On Behalf Of Phil Weston
Sent: 04 September 2021 09:48
Subject: [shipmate] The future of the SOA ?


Hopefully you will have received a copy of the agenda  for the "Shipmate Owners Association AGM _ Sat 11 Sep".

I know only a handful of members attend the meeting at Rutland. However, there is one item we are keen to get members input to,  namely "The future of the SOA" - Agenda Item 7.

So even if you are not coming, please fell free to commnet on the proposals.

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