Re: Man Overboard!

Oliver Shaw

Steve White has invited me to correct my statement that I understand that MOB recovery is not taught at RYA Level 1 or 2.

I did say that this was my understanding;  and I was going by the desperately limited information on course content available on their website.   Even on a check today,  on their recently updated website,  the only course content that I can find is contained in a downloadable document (attached),  which makes no mention of MOB recovery at any level until one reaches Seamanship Skills,  which they rate as an Advanced course.

I am happy to make the correction,  but if RYA fail to adequately publish the course content they can hardly complain if experienced practitioners get our facts wrong in assessing what the course contains!    I have no wish either to do the courses or to buy the books just in order to find out what they teach;   I expect the information to be readily accessible!

Steve writes that "The RYA syllabus for Level 2 includes a series of highly related boat manoeuvres including coming safely alongside a boat,  jetty,  buoy and MOB, to help develop boat handling skills. Furthermore the mandatory capsize drill requires participants to have theoretical and practical experience of getting a crew from the water into the boat.   Methods of recovering unconscious crew members are not discussed at RYA L2.

"(The picking up of a MOB first time is a standard sailing test of an RYA Dinghy Instructor-to-be. )

"I concede that the MOB is conducted with a half filled bottle or similar, and not a person.

"On the RYA Safety Boat syllabus, considerable time is spent on this subject, including practical experience of getting an unhelping person into a RIB or other safety vessel using a variety of methods."

I am happy to make this correction,  although it applies to only one detail (in one sentence) of what I wrote. 


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