Re: Retirement of Rob Helyar - and Continuity of Supplies

John Button G8JMB

Hi Oliver
Thank you for the info on Helyar furlers/ reefing and Hartley Boats.  I looked into these a while ago, both the split spar for luff ropes and the solid spar for tape..  I came up with questions  that I could not resolve from the info on the Helyar website:
1.  How do you control and adjust luff tension?
2.  How do you drop the foresail without dropping the mast; it seemed that the spar rotates on the forestay?
3  How is the spar attached to the furling drum and what stops the spar winding up?
I don't know anyone in Poole with a system I could look at.
I'm interested because I'm restoring a west wight potter, originally rigged with a Holt minireef.

The only thing I could find on the Harley website was a price (£500) for a wanderer system, no info at all.

Good sailing
John Button

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