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A fun group of Shih Tzu lovers, breeders and show people.. just plain crazy about our breed !!  We're a cosmopolitan group with members from all over the world.  

We expect members to have a shih tzu or to be getting one soon or have had a shih tzu.  Please do not apply for random membership, if you have no interest in shih tzus.

We regard our members as the best in their chosen fields and as much as we don't always agree with each other, we agree to differ.  This makes for a friendly fun loving group, we don't argue on the list nor put another member down.. if so, our moderator will unsub the offending party.  We don't have a lot of rules in our group and whereas adult discussion on various topics is encouraged we never go overboard so no flaming of other members ever !!  Soliciting for funding of any description is not allowed.  If you wish to share our jokes or other fun stuff, please remove all members names and email addresses as well as the group name and email address.  

We do expect our members to participate on a regular basis which generates a great number of posts.  If a member never participates or is on No Mail continuously, they will be unsubbed.  Since we prefer to have quality over quantity, we try to keep our list small and to people who get along and who participate.   If you feel you're up to it and are over 18 years of age -- join in the fun ...

When you apply to join, you will be sent a few questions to answer before membership is approved.  We ask that you respond within 7 days.  After 7 days and no response, we do reject the membership.  After approval, we also expect an introductory email so that our members may properly welcome a new member to the group.

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