SAL30 quick fix - durability

Bob Elek

Mine has been up  6 yrs now.  No wire breaks. 60 mph winds a few times.  bottom is 4 ft off ground.

My  problems have included mowing over the RG6 which lays on the grass.  Ive lifted it  overhead during mowing season which solves that.  Plus the  short  guy  metal stakes which loosen and can pull out when  we have major ground thaws, heavy rains and high winds.  I check them periodically and hammer them back in the ground.  And the couplers tend to walk a bit  over time, as much as several inches. So I need to measure them and move them back into position  once a season or so.

The F/B  still  runs up to 20 dB, and receiving is pretty quiet.  In fact it is my de facto default rx antenna  from broadcast up to 7 mhz because it matches or give  me an extra 6 dB or so  gain  over my transmit antennas ( INV-L's for 160 and 80, plus a 2 el  vert phased array for 40m.) Its best band might well be 40m, though I use it  extensively on 160m, and some on 80, mostly for DXing.

My antenna site is not perfect, but  with corners within 30 ft of the house, and 2' from 30 ft tall Norwegian Spruce trees that form a privacy wall between the neighbors    garage apron/driveway and   my backyard, but it seems to work quite well. 



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I'd be curious to know the source of the wire.  I just put up a SAL and that 'may' be the weak point down the road. 

I wouldn't mind having replacement wire in the inventory just in case.

I'm very impressed with the performance of the SAL-30.  I have not had many openings on 160 to check out but the front to back on 80m signals is amazing.  Hopefully 160 will be in good shape this weekend.

Rich - N5ZC

On 12/4/2020 9:51 AM, Dale Parfitt wrote:

Hi John,

I rebuilt my coupler and feeds several years ago. I used teflon jacketed wire I have here- 2 #20 conductors inside a white teflon jacket. I also modified the  ferrites so that they are a friction fit- once in place, they do not move.

Tell me how much feedline total you need and I’ll see  how much I  have left.


Dale W4OP


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Last minute trip cancellation means I might contribute to club score for ARRL 160. Station checks show SAL30 problem: distorted pattern and low signal strength when switched to NW/SE orientation for JA/SA. Visual inspection reveals broken wire in feed loop on SE leg.  Temporary fix is strip and solder, but wire is brittle, insulation degraded, I presume from UV. Has anyone come up with an improved and more rugged configuration for these wires, or is it expected preventive maintenance to replace them every three years or so?


73 John N5CQ