Re: Falcons in the news


Tabloid journalism even extends to raptors.  

There are lots of success stories over the last decade and a half of the SCPBRG San Francisco webcam(s) that are ignored in this article.  Just the fact that Peregrines are thriving to the point where they are moving in and taking over for previous tiercels or falcons is in and of itself a success story. And then there are the many hatchlings that we've watched become fledglings.  And some that we've watched become parents at other nests. 

Canyon was less than a year out of the nest last year, still showing juvenile markings, and his behavior with the hatchling was indeed upsetting to watch.  As was the time when the runt of the litter didn't make it more than a few days and Dan or Cher fed it to its siblings. These are but a couple of episodes among hundreds that we have had the privilege of observing because of the webcam.

Nobody knows what stories this season will bring about, but that's what we're all here to find out.


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