Discussion, discourse and debate are welcome and encouraged in all SFPA forums so long as all parties adhere to our Code of Conduct.



1) Forum Topics: Topics of discussion must be related in some way to speculative poetry and poets


2) Forum Code of Conduct: All discussion must be conducted in a respectful manner.

·      Ad hominem attacks (insult or disparagement against a person engaged in discussion rather than topic being discussed) are unacceptable.  

·      Text or images deemed violent, threatening, or sexually explicit/suggestive are unacceptable.

·      Use of hate speech, derogatory slurs, or any language that promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, sexism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group will not be tolerated.  

·      Language that is belittling, dismissive, incendiary or bullying or otherwise hurtful is unwelcome.

·      Harassment or stalking of forum users is prohibited.

·      Violations of the Code of Conduct should be reported to a moderator as soon as possible. 

·      Violations of the Code of Conduct, even in self-defense or in response to other violations, are still violations and will be subject to moderation.


3) Forum moderators: Forum moderators have the exclusive authority to define and enforce the Code of Conduct. 


·      Forum moderators are authorized by and report to the SFPA Executive Committee. 

·      Impersonation of a forum moderator by unauthorized parties may be cause for permanent expulsion from the forums.


4) Violations: Consequences for violations of the Code of Conduct will be determined by the moderators and/or the SFPA Executive Committee.  Consequences for violations may include:


·      Written warning to user

·      Deletion of flagged user posts

·      User placed on probationary status (posts will be screened)

·      Expulsion from SFPA forums

·      Expulsion from SFPA membership


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