Semblage v0.4.0-alpha Released

Jeremy Wright

The 4th version of Semblage has been released. You can download the packages for Linux and Windows here, and installation instructions are available here.

This release was originally planned to include selector synthesis, but there were too many bug fixes and quality of life improvements that needed to be done first. Those sprawled into a large project that really needed its own release.

The biggest change in this release is probably related to the Component and Parameter trees. The History and Component trees have been combined into just the Component tree. The way the user interacts with the Component and Parameter trees has been reworked as well. There is now a right-click menu to perform certain actions, and items can be dragged and dropped to reorder them.

From a visual standpoint, the 3D view camera has been switched from perspective to orthogonal projection, which is the standard with many CAD packages and prevents misleading perspective-based distortion of objects during the design process.

Still no MacOS release due to the issue here.


Jeremy Wright

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At the time of this posting, Semblage is still in alpha and will be for an undetermined amount of time. Many of the workflows of Semblage are still being discovered by evolution, and so Semblage is changing rapidly. Even so, Semblage is still usable for simpler projects, and is being used for some 7B Industries projects already. If you would like to come along for the ride and contribute to the evolution of Semblage, feel free to join in. Members of this list are encouraged to post an introduction, if they are interested in doing so.

It is not at all required, but if you would like to support this project financially, you can do so through Patreon and LibrePay.

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