Stereo Items for sale


The NSA is approaching soon, and we will be bringing many stereo items for sale there.  Here is a partial list, and more could be available if you make an inquiry for what you are looking for, before we leave for the convention.

Realist 750 watt stereo projector
Toshiba VHS-C stereo video camera
Brackett Dissolver Stereo Projector
DaLite 6' lenticular screen for stereo
RBT cardboard stereo viewers
RBT slide mounts
Paper linear polarized stereo glasses
Lots of 3D Books, and some magazines (Sports Illustrated)
Vintage Bellows stereo cameras, ICA and Kodak
Meopta Mikroma Stereo Camera
Russian Fed camera
TDC stereo colorist
View Magic Viewers
Meopta stereo camera (viewmaster format, uses 35mm film)
Meopta Steomat film cutter
Tower stereo camera
Revere Stereo Camera
Iloca Stereo Camera
Photrix stereo Camera
Realist cameras with original boxes
Table top Realist viewer usually sold to dentists with the macro stereo camera.  It is based on a microfilm viewer, but it is a Stereo Realist product, and labeled.  Big and relatively heavy. It is the only one I have ever seen or heard of.
Simda stereo Camera 16mm

John Roll

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