Offerings in auction, catawiki, ebay and my website.

Ronald Sch

Several small folding stereo viewers (i bet there is at least one you never saw before), a Colorelief viewer with 8 nude Cabaret cards, an SKF Stereo beamsplitter set and several VM gift sets from the Zur Kleinsmiede collection.

A De Wijs light attachment for the wellknown De Wijs viewmaster viewer.

ON WWW.VIEWMASTERQUEEN.COM i offer 100% guaranteed stereo camera's, viewmaster items and more.
I do have an RBT S1 on offer, a great Belplasca camera including a close-up lens for it. 
I always have 100% working and guaranteed Viewmaster camera's and cutters on offer.
And yes, i do have a 10x custom viewmaster viewer WITH led-light built-in, in stock.
I can offer a Fuji W3 camera and also a Cyclopital adapter for it.  
Also on offer a Sony P200 Van Ekeren twinned stereo camera set.

For everything else, just ask.



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