Postage cost when buying intrnationally

Ronald Sch

I sell some items internationally and very often get questions about postal charges.
It seems that many people find the charges too high.
I just answered a question about posting the Dukes Design Opticard viewer on Catawiki and i think it will be good to share for once.

This is just how things are;

The answer is offcourse YES, postage is expensive.
Catawiki calculates actual cost sending with our POSTNL.
Indeed it is pricy, but then it's a long way to travel.

The point is often that buyers dont want to pay too much for shipping, but they DO expect a full return when anything is wrong with postage or the package upon receival. This means as a sender you need to insure, send it SIGNED FOR and with tracking. Catawiki demands this also.
This means extra costs.

This Opticard is a heavy package and it needs to be packed to survive, then fully insured.
For 2 to 5 kg's from Holland to the USA the postal cost is 51,80 euros. Then its only insured up to 500 euros.
If package is damaged or lost the buyer wants the full amount and i as sender will just get 500 maximum.
Then also POSTNL is slow and it can take up to weeks to reach the USA.

I often choose to send UPS Express with expensive lots, so it is safer and much faster.
This is even more expensive, what i pay from my own pocket. To sleep better.

For a rare item, i am sure some people, from far away countries, are willing to pay a bit extra for safe postage.

If you think postage from USA to Holland is cheaper, then you are wrong.
Sure, using USPS but then its always a gamble if anything will arrive and if the package is still in one piece.
I imported quite a bit from the USA over the last years and with USPS i have had broken and open packages, lost packages and more. USPS is only trackable in the USA, after it leaves your country, you wait for weeks, sometimes months IF it will arrive.
I you want better postage like the way i send with POSTNL (or even UPS Express) you do pay for the tracking, insurance, speed and better handling.
I will never choose to use USPS from USA to Holland, rather DHL Express or UPS Express.

Every buyer is happy with cheap postage. Until the first packet arrives damaged, or doesnt arrive at all.
Then they shout out to the sender, demanding a refund.

I will be very happy to see your bid and send you a package, safe, insured and speedy.

Greets from Holland, Ronald Schalekamp

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