Amazing stereo offers on auction

Ronald Sch

i have quite some interesting items on offer in the auction online now.

There is a RBT X3 Stereo camera, based on Ricoh XR-X3pf, owned and customized by David Klutho, with custom geared 28mm and 100mm lens sets.

There is a 3DWorld Medium Format stereo slide Mounting Jig.

There is a metal Brumberger Stereo rotary carousel viewer for 20 stereo slides.

There are a lot of interesting Viewmaster collectables.

There is a speciale Ruttian Roulette Viewmaster gift set; this man keeps on telling lies...

And want to know whatever happened to the View-Lite Illuminator; the first light attachment for viewmaster viewers ever? Then see (and read the story) of the like-new Stere-o-Lite viewer and light attachment dating from (1950); new in box.

There are some interesting 3d books.

There is a 10x enlarging bakelite model F; probably Moller-made. Starting at 1 euro!

And then there is a unique custom Nimslo stereo macro-camera with 6 exchangeable lenses. Made by fine-mechanics expert Ton Pennings in 1993. This camera changes the lens-base automatically according to the lens attached. Only a couple of these were ever made.

All starting at 1 euro.
All offered by me. I combine postage cost.


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