Stack several demodulators on multiple lines - and _copying demodulators

Fabio Spelta

I am trying to fill a "grid" of FM demodulators here, but as far as I could experiment, I can only have them aligned in a row - or in a column on the right side.
Is it possible to have them in a grid? That'd allow to make the most out of the space of the monitor.
Here's an example:

something like this:

Also, would it be possible to copy one demodulator to another? Suppose I want eight NFM demodulators all alike, with RFBW of 20k and the same squelch level.
As far as I could tell the only way to get that is to add them one by one, and change the settings for each. Being able to CTRL-C and CTRL-V them would be very handy.

Maybe it's possible already and I'm not aware of it.

Thanks for this outstanding software.