SDRangel crashes after executing the command REST API #windows

Alexander Sevryukov

I create a configuration .py file. It adds (or changes) R0 - HackRF, sets the necessary settings, adds Sink T0 - HackRF, reads the settings, but when you try to change them, the application crashes. Here at this moment
we get the settings
         deviceset_index_rx = 1
         deviceset_url = "/ deviceset /% d"% deviceset_index_rx
         settings_tx = callAPI (deviceset_url + "/ device / settings", "GET", None, None, "Get device settings")
trying to update them (no changes)
         r = callAPI (deviceset_url + "/ device / settings", "PATCH", None, settings_tx, "Patch device settings")
application crashes.
It should not be ? How to do it right?

(full code in attachement)

Windows 7, SDRangel 4.5.3

Edouard Griffiths

Your script works with SDRangel on Linux and the latest version (v4.5.5).
Brgds, Edouard.

Alexander Sevryukov

Hello, Edouard

Already downloaded the latest build for Windows (4.5.4), no changes yet. I'll try to do it through presets.

Best regards,