SDRangel as audio spectrum analyser and démodulateur


SDRANgel as audio spectrum analyser and demodulator
I know my question seem to be simple, but I’m not able tu use audio input for spectrum analysis or maybe low IF demodulation at 12Khz. 
I read carrefully  this , 2_audio input preferences in :

I’m able to move cursor, but I can not change the input : S or D in front of input. Thus I can not choose the right entry for audio

I’d like to use this audio input as a samplig device : Do I need to use "local input" in  sampling devince selection ?

Many thanks

Edouard Griffiths

Hello Remi,

the reply is simple: there is no Audio input plugin to be used as a sampling device. This is something that could be done but not any time soon. Right now you may have some success (unknown) using the Soapy plugin with its audio device input.

Brgds, Edouard.


Thank for the information.
May be i will try.

Edouard Griffiths

Issue opened to implement direct audio stereo input/output as sample source/sink plugins.


On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 01:27 AM, Edouard Griffiths wrote:

Hello! I am also experimenting with a direct donwconversion receiver, and I would like to use SDR Angel with audio source. 

However, I read that this feature, while added as Issue 496, will not be delivered anytime soon (as stated by Edouard).


My questions:

1) Did somebody had any success with the Soapy plugin with its audio device input? If so, can you please help on setting up this?

2) Otherwise, is there any software that can do the job (I am interested in decoding a LSB signal at baseband)? 


Thank you very much for any answer 


I have two Audio IQ SDR Transceivers, one is a Gensis G59, and the other is a RS-HFIQ. I would like to work on interfacing these with SDRAngel. I have already reverse engineered code to control the G59, and I worked on a project to interface it using EXTIO. But, I am not happy with that implementation, mostly because of DTTSP. SDRAngel looks like a more modern approach.

Edouard, could you give me your ideas about how you would go about implementing a device plugin for an audio based SDR in SDRAngel? I am still examining the code, but I think it may be as simple as creating a AudioDeviceManager instance.