pluto SSB TX-level

Michael Wild

Im facing s little problem regarding the maximum TX level from my Pluto under SDRangel.
I can reach a maximum of app. -5dBm at 2.4 GHz but also at 400MHz. Tried this with max. Volume setting, The meter also showing 100% (tone test).
Trying this with the SDR console gives me the expected app. +6.5dBm.
Is there somerhing I might do wrong?

73 Michael DL2FW

Edouard Griffiths


I am surprised. This has been fixed some time ago:

Brgds, Edouard.

Michael Wild

Hi Edouard,
thank you fpr your reply.  I'm in the office right now and will check which version I'm currently running tonight. Looking at the corresponding commit and comparing with the actual code, this line disappeared but the problem might have been solved in another way... Have to dig deeper into this. And I can't exclude that I'm doing something wrong :-)

73 Michael