File Sink Plugin: Cannot Record #windows #ubuntu #LimeSDR



I'm having trouble with the File Sink plugin. Specifically, it does not seem to be able to record I/Q data at all.
The sink rate parameter updates as expected when I adjust the decimation factor and the device sample rate.
However, when I press the "record" button (the little tape-shaped icon), no data is recorded. The recording time parameter does not update, nor does the file size parameter.
No file is generated in the specified directory.
I've tried it both with and without squelch. In fact, setting the squelch well into the noise floor does not result in the squelch knob turning green when squelch-controlled recording is enabled.
I'm not sure if this is an issue on my end, as I'm very new to SDRAngel, or if I've encountered a bug.
I have been able to reproduce this issue in both the most recent linux release, as well as the most recent windows release. (Operating systems are Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10, respectively).
This makes me think it's user error, and not a bug.
I'm using a LimeSDR-USB, Rev 1.4 with the latest gateware and firmware at the time of writing.
If anyone has any advice, or something else I could try, I'm happy to hear feedback.


Edouard Griffiths

You have to provide a file name
Brgds, Edouard.


My bad, I forgot to specify that I've also provided a filename. Simply naming it "capture" and dropping it in the default documents directory in both operating systems.