Extra digit on frequecy when using transverter offset?

Peter Briggs <g7hrb1@...>

I'm using SDRAngel to receive the Es'Hail 2 downlink on 10489MHz through an LNB with a 9750MHz LO. It would be nice to be able to enter 9750MHz as the transverter offset and have SDRAngel display the full downlink frequency, but there aren't enough digits in the frequency display to support this.

Would it be possible to add the 10GHz digit please? It could be made selective so this only appears when using transverter offsets if it would otherwise clutter the display.


Edouard Griffiths

Hello Peter,

I think this has been discussed in another post or issue previously. This maybe nice but not much more. You can enter 750 MHz for the transverter frequency shift and dial 1489 MHz for an actual 10489 MHz. I am not keen in spending screen real estate for not much added value.

Brgds, Edouard.