Channel Analyzer /Channel Scope with #plutosdr


I'm very  happily using SDRAngel 4.14.7 (windows 10)  with an ADALM-Pluto as the source. 

The Channel Analyzer plugin ( 4.14.6) works fine for the Channel Spectrum display, but I have a question about how the plugin implements the amplitude scaling:

  • Is the amplitude on the spectrum display basically dB relative to 0 dB Full Scale? 
  • I put -30 dBm tone into the Pluto RX port from a good signal generator and I see something closer to -6 dBm being displayed. I think this makes sense if the AGC is managing levels.

Also, the Spectrum Scope function for the same Channel Analyzer  plugin is not working for me at all.
I'm pretty sure that the problem is with me - however, with triggering on free run, trace intensity at max, and for all settings of x,y traces, trace amplitudes and trace durations, all I see is a straight green line in the time domain.
Any gentle suggestions?
Merci / Thank you.