Redesign of I/Q recording, unable to record

Aaron awdmesh

I've installed SDRAngel v5.9.4 from the .deb package in 20.04.

It's most likely something I'm just not understanding, but I've added a device (rtlsdr), a file sink, and an FM de-modulator. No matter what I click in the file sink area I cannot get anything to record. There's the squelch button, REC, then there's what looks like a old VHS tape (record?) next to the folder. 

If I open the folder it's saying save recording. I gave it a name, hit open. I hit what I assume is a record button next to it, nothing happens. Am I missing something and/or doing this completely wrong? Just looking to understand how to record.



Edouard Griffiths


On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 05:27 PM, <awdmesh@...> wrote:
I've installed SDRAngel v5.9.4 from the .deb package in 20.04.
there are no artifacts provided for the v5 branch in the releases so I suppose this is a hack of some sort.

Anyway, did you start the device first (in the device panel)? If you have defined a valid output file with the file chooser then the "VHS like" button will start recording unconditionally and (of course) clicking on it again will stop recording.


Aaron awdmesh

That’s probably my problem - I didn’t realize the difference between the maintenance release and the ones with full descriptions. 

But yes I did start the device first. I can see the waterfall and everything working, but after defining the file name and clicking record nothing happens. It lights up as if it’s enabled, but no file saved. At least I know I’m most likely doing the process correctly. I’ll go try a different release and do further testing. 


Aaron awdmesh

Correction, I looked at the releases page to fast! I’m using the deb package from 4.15.4.