Help on building SDRangelsrv on Rasp 3


Once again many thank for giving us possibility to use this great software :-)

Trying to build a headless SDRangel server on a Rasp 3 B+.

I have written an OpenSUSE image to a sdcard and installed Docker on the Rasp.

Can pull the armv8/SDRangelsrv with this command:

> docker pull f4exb06/sdrangelsrv:v4.13.0

using this link from the SDRangel Wiki:

But how can I build the server on this Rasp? 

Have been through the whole Wiki several times, and can’t find the sw anywhere on the Rasp. Where can I find the Docker command to build the headless server on the Rasp ?



Maybe I found out?
Download the from Git and invoke the script sdrangel/ with arguments for
sdrangel/server16:latest and
 URL_to_armv8   ; but how to a OpenSUSE Rasp 3 B+ ?

Edouard Griffiths


with Docker installed and after pulling the image from it is just a matter of running this image in a container. So you need to get the sdrangel-docker project either with the .zip file as you did or just by cloning the Github repository. Then you don't need to build anything since you have the image. What you are looking for is the script in the sdrangel folder or the compose folder if you want to run together the server and the web client (you need to have sdrangelcli image also that can be pulled from as well).

The pulled image will come as f4exb06/sdrangelsrv:v5.3.1 (for the latest version). For convenience you can tag this image as sdrangel/server16:latest with the command:
docker tag f4exb06/sdrangelsrv:v5.3.1 sdrangel/server16:latest

This will match the default parameters and thus the run,sh command in sdrangel folder is just:
./ -f server16 -c sdrangel

Later you can untag the image to switch to a newer version for example with
docker rmi sdrangel/server16:latest

More details in the readme:

Brgds, Edouard.


Thank you very much Edouard for explanation. Sri about having mixed things up.

Now I have a server-process running:
jhj      23420  0.6  8.7 620348 85152 pts/0    Sl+  14:26   0:02 /opt/install/sdrangel/bin/sdrangelsrv -a

And I will go on with the sdrangelcli process and maybe the compose tools.

73 OZ1OY, Jan