SDRangel install from source - kubunto 18.10

Freddy ON7VQ

Grand merci Edouard!
I am not familiar with docker, so I will need to read a little before I can try it.
I keep the list posted!
Kind regards, es 73
Freddy ON7VQ

Edouard Griffiths


If you can't get it right you may try to build a Docker image with This is going to be the standard way of building from source more sooner than later (just need to exercise it a bit more). If you insist on building from the terminal you can inspect the Dockerfile in sdrangel directory where you will find the exact proven steps that are taken to build from source. Another advantage of Docker is isolation so there is no chance of interfering with gnuradio or the LimeSuite that lives on your host system.

Also it is much easier for me to spot issues if everyone uses the exact same build recipe. You say you get modules0.8 instead of modules0.7 this is probably because you did not check out the same commit. And ending with "error 2" just tells nothing.

Brgds, Edouard.

Freddy ON7VQ

Hi all, I tried to install SDRangel on my Kubuntu 18.10 and therefor followed the instructions I found here: remarked and corrected that "" is in directory ../modules0.8 and not ../modules0.7.
I decided to install as proposed in /opt/build and /opt/install that I chowned to this user and usergroup.
I try to include PlutoSDR, LimeSDR USB and Hackrf (this one for my Rad1o), and I use also Funcube Dongle .
I installed all the non-hardware dependencies, and the hardware dependencies for the hardware mentioned. This went well.
I also installed SoapySDR and the hardware plugins for my hardware described above.
I remarked and corrected that "" is in directory ../modules0.8 and not ../modules0.7.
But then I could not manage to install correctly sdrangel. Executing  "make -j4 install" ended with a "error 2" after errors and warnings while installing freedv, sdrbase and lime-software.
I also remarked that while executing cmake, some packages were found in other directories. I have gnuradio-companion and LimeSuiteGiu installed on my system, the cmake command found libraries in these installs.
Could this be the cause of my install problem, and if so, who knows how to cure without the need to remove gnuradio and LimeSuiteGUI? I definitely do not wont to do this anyway.
Thanks for any help!
Freddy ON7VQ