Install from binary v source, missing swagger



Just checking I havent missed something, installed from binary on Mint 19 and everything is working.

I have just tried command ptt and had to download the source from git as the /build/swagger/examples are not included in the binary install. I assume I am not missing anything else and that I can move stuff around into the /opt directory or link to the downloaded sdrangel source folder .

If I am missing something else crucial I might compile from source, but everything else seems to be there.

Has anybody else, found anything else, missing from the binary version compared to compiling from source?

I already have LimeSuite and Soapy installed and the LimeSDR mini is recognised by the binary install.



Edouard Griffiths


at the moment the API client examples are not deployed anywhere. They are not essential to the working of the binary and completely standalone. I may think of deploying in a subfolder of the share directory for completeness.

Brgds, Edouard.



Thanks for the very fast response. I will create a /opt/build folder and move them into the correct place as if I had built from source.

It might be worth adding that info to the binary releases wiki, it had me stumped for a bit but it wasn't a major drama. it just made me question if there were any other differences in the builds.

Thanks again for the quick response. The software is fantastic and with the availability of LimeSDR Mini and the recent arrival of the Amateur transponders on Es'hail-2 at 26E, I am sure the downloads server will be seeing plenty of traffic at the moment.