Slow down the waterfall


So yes, I have overlooked a setting :-) This pretty much does what I was after.

Edouard Griffiths

The rule is that the waterfall moves at the actual speed given by sample rate and FFT size and the refresh rate is capped at 20 FPS.
However you can "slow down" using averaging: use fixed averaging or max if you want to trap short transients that could get skipped because of the refresh rate capping.
These are controls 5 and 6 here:


I find the waterfall quite difficult to follow due to the speed at which it moves. I also like to use the waterfall as a brief "history" of a piece of spectrum and if it moves too fast then this doesn't work.

I see that I can coincidentally alter the speed by adjusting the decimation and the FFT size but these obviously have other effects on the received signal, so I would like a more explicit way to slow it down. Have I overlooked a setting in the UI which would achieve this?