Building a "fake" hamlib rigctld server for sdrangel

James Dallas

Hi everyone,

I was thinking this afternoon (slow day at work) about how to make sdrangel work with software like wsjt or fldigi, which use hamlib.

I know that some folks have asked Edouard to add hamlib support as a feature, but he declined and decided to build the web API / reverse API instead (I think this was the right decision).

With that said, looking at the documentation for rigctld (the hamlib server daemon), it seems like it uses a pretty simple protocol to communicate between client and server. I am thinking it should not be very hard to build a simple TCP server that listens for valid rigctld strings and then translates them into API calls to sdrangel, at least for basic stuff like get/set frequency and PTT control.

I am thinking that if it rains this weekend I might put some effort into trying to build some kind of "fake" rigctld (since my main project is to work on rebuilding my deck, but it looks like the South is gonna get soaked again, thanks Hurricane Barry).

Before I start, has anyone else tried something like this?

References: rigctld documentation --

Discussion re: hamlib integration as a feature -  

James AD5NL

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