SDRAngel with Airspy Mini

James Dallas

I have an Airspy Mini, and it (sort of works) using the Airspy device type. The problem is that the only sampling rates I see available are 2.5  and 10 MSPS, and both result in distorted audio (the 2.5 MSPS makes everyone sound like Darth Vader and the 10 MSPS rate makes everyone sound like The Chipmunks).

The Airspy Mini is "almost" compatible with the regular Airspy, but has a sample rate of only 6 MSPS (with an effective 5 MHz of bandwidth). I think this might have something to do with the funny audio.

Not sure if it would be possible to do the following, but would be nice:

(1) Detect the Airspy Mini as a Mini.

(2) Add an appropriate sample rate to airspyinput.cpp -- although it  looks like the existing code might be trying to get the sample rates from libairspy?

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