Re: limesdr not seen (docker on ubuntu)

alexandre CASTELLANE

Hi all,

this was it !?? thanks.

One comment then, did I miss something, or should I clone sdrangel-docker AND sdrangel also afterwards to get this dir ?

Does it make sense to provide the udev dir into sdrangel-docker ?

Now the bad surprise : I came to bare metal because the TX windows was partially unavailable on my virtualbox.

Some history :

using virtual box (ubuntu over windows on another Lenovo PC): I got the TX windows OK first, able to see the antenna selector for example at first test. Then at second test (may be a reboot, or so after) I lost the half bottom of the window, frame is OK, but no pixels.

This decided me to switch to bare metal, and I get the same issue, would this be lenovo hardware related ?

note : apparently I must have solved this limesdr not seen on VB, but I didn't remember it :)

Thanks for support

Alexandre, F5SFU

On 29/04/2019 23:32, Edouard Griffiths wrote:
Hello Alexandre,

I think you missed the udev rules thing. You still need it either in the Docker host or the Virtualbox guest.

For Docker, in a VBox guest replace "host" by "guest":
"In order to be able to access the USB hardware on the host the udev rules must be properly set for your user (or system wide) on the host. The??udev-rules folder??in the SDRangel Github repository contains these rules and a script to install them to be run with??sudo"


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