SDRangel crashes after executing the command REST API #windows

Alexander Sevryukov

I create a configuration .py file. It adds (or changes) R0 - HackRF, sets the necessary settings, adds Sink T0 - HackRF, reads the settings, but when you try to change them, the application crashes. Here at this moment
we get the settings
         deviceset_index_rx = 1
         deviceset_url = "/ deviceset /% d"% deviceset_index_rx
         settings_tx = callAPI (deviceset_url + "/ device / settings", "GET", None, None, "Get device settings")
trying to update them (no changes)
         r = callAPI (deviceset_url + "/ device / settings", "PATCH", None, settings_tx, "Patch device settings")
application crashes.
It should not be ? How to do it right?

(full code in attachement)

Windows 7, SDRangel 4.5.3

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