Audio Settings in SDRAngel for Windows not holding or disappearing

Marty Wittrock

Edouard / All -

Using the Windows version of SDRAngel I'm having a strange issue where the only audio preference setting that I can use is for the system default and no other setting. I've also seen the observed default audio sources that I should be able to select, and do try to select, have their 'D' disappear in the Audio Prefs menu the next time I enter to see if the setting held. The only setting I can get reliably is the system default that won't serve me well for setting up the audio for WSJT-X. This issue doesn't really affect me for receive - I use the system default and it runs fine. But for transmit I'm trying to set up an audio path that, initially, is a default and capable of being set up, but it neither 'holds' and when I go back in to set it up again it's no longer a default (the 'D' disappears next to the audio selection).

What's the most reliable way (other than switching OSs to Linux) to achieve this for Windows 10? Please let me know - I have some testing I would like to accomplish with my VOX RF Switch that I know works with the audio setting that I want to set up.

Let me know - TNX es 73 de Marty, KN0CK

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