Re: Is Lime SDR usable with sdrangel on win10 ?

Fabio IZ0IBA 2220156

Hi Alexandre, although Sdrangel will work in a  VirtualBox environment, take into account that USB port virtualization can lead to some problems.
I have a working Sdrangel installation on OpenSuse 42.3 Linux in a Virtualbox environment over iMac Mojave OSX machine.
Everything works but there is a limitation to the max sampling rate usable. 
To achieve high sampling rate with USB interrupt transfer it is necessary a very strict time conditioning in flow handling.  Virtualbox Hypervisor seems to introduce 
some random delays when handling frames, since has to cope with activities of the OS managed. 

My tests show that sampling up to 4 Mbit/s will work but going higher than 4 Mbit/s will lead to frames dropped and some micro-interruptions. 
In general SDRs does not like virtualizated environment.  This is not a problem for handling narrow band signals (even broadcast FM is in a wider sense narrow) 
but for signals having bandwidth greater than 2 Mhz (and so Sampling minimum is 4 Mbit/s) it is better to have SDRangel native built in a Operating System. 

73, Fabio IZ0IBA

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