Re: sending baseband I/Q stream as a ***.sdriq file to the LimeSDR device (“Sink device (T1)”)

Sergey Kholodenko

Dear Edouard,

I have question on the program SDRAngel.
Sampling source device plugin of LimeSDR (LimeSDR [0:0]) saved the baseband I/Q stream as a ***.sdriq file.
How I should in the SDRAngel program menu to configure the “Sink device (T1)” (LimeSDR) plug-in to read the previously saved ***.sdriq file (baseband I/Q stream) and sending one to the LimeSDR device(without using Modulator/Demodulator channel)?

I implemented a similar task in the GNURadio environment by connecting the “File Source” module in the block diagram to the input of the “LimeSuite Sink (TX)” module (and then selecting the necessary file from the Base I/Q stream in the “File Source” module).

Best regards, Sergei.

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