Re: OSX : After iMovie update Strangel crash on start #osx

Fabio IZ0IBA 2220156

Ok I agree with you that for building a general release version is better to endorse the latest official ... but i was experimenting so i build everything with the preview version. 

BTW i noticed an other interesting thing about the iq recording process.  If i open a terminal and manually start SDRAngel from the 
/Application/ and hit the record button i find later in the same directory the recorded file.
If I instead start the application clicking the SDRAngel icon in the Applications window and hit the record button i do not find the file anywhere in the disk later on.
There is no way in the graphic interface to specify the file directory or at least i did not find any place to configure it.  May be SDRAngel started this way does not have write permissions
in its execution directory. However it would be useful to specify the directory where to save recordings. 
Brgds, Fabio.

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