Re: OSX : After iMovie update Strangel crash on start #osx

Gaston LU5AGQ

@Edouard, unfortunately your suggestions didn't cause any improvement on SDRangel audio performance on my mac. 

The audio keeps "stuttering" everytime I hover the mouse over the window.

Here's another video:

I found that the audio stream is the only problem, and seems not to be dropping packets but delaying it. Let's supponse that an audio sequence (a song or talent word) is a string of numbers from 0 to 9 when I hover the mouse over the window, you will listen: 0123 (mouse movement) 456 (mouse movement) 789 instead of the normal sequence where has to be 0123456789. That's why when I hit STOP in SDRangel audio keeps playing for a while, empting the buffer, I asume.

@Ziga S. let me know how I can help. I don't know anything about code but I have Xcode and QTcreator installed. 


On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 8:53 PM Žiga S. <ziga.svetina@...> wrote:
Hello Fabio,

Nice to point out the possible versions updates in deps...
I really like your "contrary" support in reviewing & testing... make me decide faster, thank you. :)

My thinking right now, to start over my mojave env, with manifest for dependant repos/dirs....
I think it would be nice and easy to check and modify, what is building in next build iterration.
Then I prepare a manifest repository for repo command and it's a one standard way, no docs needed :)

There ya go, a commit in this repository could trigger a build process in mojave-vm...

No problem what so ever, Fabio are you in for maintaining with me, maybe Gaston?
Eduardo can review it to, for version mismatches? Sounds like a plan, to me...

Otherwise, if anybody have better idea, please let me know.

@Fabio: while you can experiment with your local manifest.

Will queue my time for establishing a default manifest.

Cheerz, Z

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