Re: OSX : After iMovie update Strangel crash on start #osx

Žiga S.

Hello Fabio,

Nice to point out the possible versions updates in deps...
I really like your "contrary" support in reviewing & testing... make me decide faster, thank you. :)

My thinking right now, to start over my mojave env, with manifest for dependant repos/dirs....
I think it would be nice and easy to check and modify, what is building in next build iterration.
Then I prepare a manifest repository for repo command and it's a one standard way, no docs needed :)

There ya go, a commit in this repository could trigger a build process in mojave-vm...

No problem what so ever, Fabio are you in for maintaining with me, maybe Gaston?
Eduardo can review it to, for version mismatches? Sounds like a plan, to me...

Otherwise, if anybody have better idea, please let me know.

@Fabio: while you can experiment with your local manifest.

Will queue my time for establishing a default manifest.

Cheerz, Z

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