Python script creating a software VOX circuit for SDRAngel PTT

James Dallas

Hi everyone,

Over the past few days I have been working on VOX for SDRAngel.

Initially my plan was to control PTT using serial port lines, but serial ports are not on all modern computers (particularly laptops). And I find that trying to get the CTS/DTR states off of USB-to-serial adapters and serial port emulators (like tty0tty) is a bit dodgy.

So, rather than beat my head on a wall with serial ports, I decided to just use VOX instead.

As noted in a previous e-mail regarding relayngel (in response to Marty)  I said I am planning on doing a YouTube video explaining all of this. Please be patient with me; I will try to get this uploaded by end of the weekend.

Link to my github for voxangel:


James AD5NL

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