Re: BW

Dario Ferrari

Edouard and Fabio...all ok!  very simple and easy...
now the BW is 2.3KHz.
many thanks for help and SW. sure I need help again.
73 Dario

Il giorno mer 20 mar 2019 alle ore 07:15 Dario Ferrari via Groups.Io <> ha scritto:
fine, many thanks for I have to go to work, this evening I try.
rtl 2832 is the device.
unfortunately I'm not good and I will disturb you again
you have a good day

Il giorno mer 20 mar 2019 alle ore 00:18 Edouard Griffiths <f4exb06@...> ha scritto:
Well spotted: 2400 kS/s divided by 16 is 150 kS/s. 16 is the default decimation with RTL-SDR. Check the "Dec" button #7:
Brgds, Edouard.

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