Re: Does SDRAngel employ a PTT feature, and how does it handle USB relays...?

Siegfried Jackstien

Am 14.03.2019 um 03:49 schrieb James Dallas:
To Marty's point, I was thinking about making a small utility to listen for reverse API requests and then use that to trigger USB relays. The problem is that in shopping today I noticed there are at least three different kinds of relays on Amazon (FTDI/CH based USB-to-serial devices as well as devices using the HID API). Not to mention that a more creative person might, say, bang together an arduino or raspberry pi with a relay hat.

nice idea to make a software that listen to api and trigger relay ...

The more I think about the logistics -- and I was one of the people originally begging him on this issue! -- the more I realize that Edouard's position is the most sane one. Not because the work would be hard per se (I'm not a programmer) but because supporting every hardware combination imaginable would very quickly get to be tedious and waste time he might better spend supporting the core of sdrangel.

that is why hdsdr programmers went the extio drivers route ... hardware builder has to add an extio driver to his hardware ... no need to reprogramm hdsdr for a new hardware


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