Re: Does SDRAngel employ a PTT feature, and how does it handle USB relays...?

Michael Durkin

Ok, i guess were going to haft to get Sid to help a little too ...

Seems , to me ,that were going to use the API..

Does the USB device act like a Serial device or HID ( not that i know
what a HID truly is )

I know that Quisk can use the USB/Si570 USFSDR softrock/ensemble
controller through C++ It is/was USB device ... so i guess that - that
code could be modified to send what the USB/Realy board is looking for
and for the C++ to look for the Device ID of the USB/Realy board
rather than the Si570 controller -- which by the way -- also had a
reduced relay/bandpass filter controll -- i think it had 4 possible
lowpass filters

Not sure ...

On 3/13/19, Marty Wittrock <@martywittrock> wrote:
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<crickets>...I am by far the biggest supporter of this software for the
LimeSDR and have been for over a year and it's making me 'simmer' that I
cannot get an answer to ANY inquiry I post on this forum...What is up with


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