Re: Test sdrangel port for Mac OSX Mojave #osx

Fabio IZ0IBA 2220156

Hi Edouard, you've done a great work so far, my respect.  This Application is a valuable and nice piece of software and is free for the community. 
To improve reliability and usage among a plurality of OS platforms and devices it is necessary a community effort, this is granted.
No one can have all systems, all devices and time to spend for fixing all issues.

The best you can do is to support us to fully understand what is underneath the code so we can search, debug and fix ourselves.
I had a look to the code and altough i am familiar with C/C++ programming it is a complex artwork and is pretty challenging to work with. 
About the warnings i compiled the master branch that is 4.3.2 source version. Should i use the 4.5.0 version ? or this is only related to windows platforms ?
i copied the source using the "git clone" and "git chekout master"

This evening i will start a debug session to understand the slider moving problem that seems easier to analyze. If i found something usefull i will inform the group.

73, Fabio IZ0IBA  


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