Re: Test sdrangel port for Mac OSX Mojave #osx

Fabio IZ0IBA 2220156

André i do not have the HackRF so i cannot test if the build works.
However i enabled the hackRF support uncommenting the following rows in the  ""  QT Creator configuration file

SUBDIRS += libhackrf
SUBDIRS += plugins/samplesource/hackrfinput
SUBDIRS += plugins/samplesink/hackrfoutput

I didn't receive any compilation error nor linking error. However reading the sdrangel GitHub repository i found the note below about HackRF.  May be this will help you. 

I guess that if we want a working OSX version that run against all hardware devices we need to form a "building OSX user group" each person focused on contributing for specific hardware and merge our work in a unique build. 

I tested my build with LimeSDRmini and RTL-SDR because i have them so i'm sure they work.
If you want i can compile again SDRAngel but i am not sure about what to do for HackRF support.
May be the sdrangel creator will help up....

73, Fabio.


HackRF is supported through the libhackrf library. Please note that you will need a recent version (2015.07.2 at least) of libhackrf that supports the sequential listing of devices and the antenna power control (bias tee). To be safe anyway you may choose to build and install the Github version: Note also that the firmware must be updated to match the library version as per instructions found in the HackRF wiki.

HackRF is better used with a sampling rate of 4.8 MS/s and above. The 2.4 and 3.2 MS/s rates are considered experimental and are way out of specs of the ADC. You may or may not achieve acceptable results depending on the unit. A too low sampling rate will typically create ghost signals (images) and/or raise the noise floor.

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