Re: Test sdrangel port for Mac OSX Mojave #osx

Andre Neitzel

Thanks Fabio, but new compiled DMG dont found my hackRF - RTLsdr is working, but hackRF not :-( 
hackRF_info found module and its working with other Apps like GqRX... Is the latest DMG recognize HackRF by someone other? 
I installed Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3 completly new to get sure that my installation is not corrupted, but thats not the solution.

regards, André

Am Mo., 11. März 2019 um 22:06 Uhr schrieb Fabio IZ0IBA 2220156 <f.capozzi@...>:

Hi, i compiled support for hackRF input and output. 
You can download DMG file here

73, Fabio.

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