REST API in Windows 10 issues in SDRAngel 4.4.5 #windows

Roger Rehr W3SZ


I just installed 4.4.5 release for Windows and running SDRAngel 4.4.5 on Windows 10 I have noticed 2 issues:  a new problem with the REST API and a problem with GPS control.  Both of these were working perfectly in SDRAngel 4.0.3 on Windows 10.

I had been using the REST API both via webpage and via a C# app that I wrote to programatically sweep LimeSDR frequency with SDRAngel 4.0.3 GUI with no issues at all; everything was working perfectly.

Today I upgraded to SDRAngel 4.4.5 GUI and I find that the swagger SDRAngel weblink no longer works:  a blank webpage is produced when I use URL:

And my C# App which had been working perfectly with no problems with SDRAngel 4.0.3 causes SDRAngel GUI to crash.without giving any error messages...SDRAngel just disappears from the screen when my app sends it a json steam.  My app is trivial, it just sends a json stream to the URL "", and again was and still is working perfectly with SDRAngel 4.0.3 but not with 4.4.5.

I am hoping that someone can point me to the changes in the SDRAngel REST API that are causing these issues so that I can correct this situation here.

Also, the GPS function in SDRAngel had been working fine in 4.0.3 (with a couple of LimeSDRs).  With 4.4.5 when GPS is activated in SDRAngel, SDRAngel stops responding with no error message and must be exited and restarted.

Thanks in advance and 73,

Roger Rehr

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