OpenSuse Tubmbleweed no audio

Rick Kunath

I've installed sdrangel from the mhaucke repo onto OpenSuse Tumbleweed. I have an RSP2 Pro connected and sdrangel sees the sdr (it does not see my RSPduo though). I can select it, have a channel window up and can see audio in the demodulator window abd on the demodulator small waterfall, but I never get any audio out.

Looking at a terminal I get the below error any time I change the audio device selection (audio works fine on other applications):

2019-03-09 10:30:51.164 (W) AudioDeviceManager::setOutputDeviceInfo: index: 20 device: ladspa_output.mbeq_1197.mbeq no FIFO registered yet hence no audio
output has been allocated yet

I do see the source in the Pulseaudio volume control but there is no actual audio being piped to it.

I needed to set the working directory for sdrangel to /usr/lib/ to get it to find the needed libs it needed to launch. I think everything is working as expected except for the audio output feed.

Ideas are appreciated for this new user, and thanks to the developer for an excellent application...

Rick Kunath

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