New package required to build freedv modules in 4.5.0

James Dallas

Hi everyone,

I didn't find it obvious in the release announcement, but since this version is only available to those building from source, you will need to install the codec2 package before building 4.5.0 on Linux to take advantage of freedv.

I tried building without it and it build, but freedv didn't show up, either in the GUI or as a compiled .so file. After going and looking at the cmakelist file, I realized that codec2 was needed.

So I did "sudo apt-get install codec2" then rebuilt. And that didn't work either.

I'm trying again after installing libcodec2-dev. I suppose I could also try building latest codec2 from source (the Ubuntu 18 repos use .07-1).

Anybody else have success, and if so, with what steps?

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