Re: AFC provision for DSD digital voice modes.

David J Taylor

Hi David,

unfortunately this is a bigger task that one would think and I am not keen in giving this a high priority. This concerns anything FM based really. In comparison a RTL-SDR dongle with TCXO, SMA connector and aluminium case can be found at ~35 EUR: I am using one of these to listen to NXDN channels and do not need to ever tweak the frequency.

Brgds, Edouard.

Edouard, I had been under the impression that the plug-ins were from third-parties, not something you had written yourself. No, it's not a top-priority item, but something which I feel would be useful given the very high sensitivity of DSD (at least the DMR mode) to small frequency errors.

Perhaps someone else might like the challenge of the work and submit it as an update? I'm afraid I know little of C/C++ and find it very difficult to read. Pascal/Delphi is no problem!

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