SDRAngel SSB Modulator #windows

Dana Shtun

Why isn’t this done automatically?…carrier suppression, CW tone, etc…can’t this be pre set or automated?
Just wondering to avoid all this fiddling…


On Jan 18, 2019, at 04:07, Antonio Gutierrez via Groups.Io <antonio_gutierrez2003@...> wrote:

Hi Michael,

I am sorry you damaged the TX. In USB, the carrier changes amplitude it is true, but it is always there. In AM, FM and WFM the carrier should be there at the top. That changes when you change the TX value, yes. That is not the point. The question is to get the carrier suppressed as it was done in 435MHz. So the difference should be 40dB at least.
This spike makes LimeSDR to work delivering a continuus signal, so breaking it is easier if ou increase power and in addition you get a higher IMD.
My last test is with 50dB gain in High, I get 10db under the modulation inserting compresor. That is more acceptable.

I hope it can be solved by SW.
Thanks for answering

Kind regards

On Thursday, January 17, 2019, 11:32:54 PM GMT+1, Michael Durkin <Kc7noa@...> wrote:

ok, i do have an older build .. but i do get a difference in carrier
level when adjusting the gain control for Tx ... and i did damage my
Tx1_1 with a self osscill(CRAP)ing Amp ..

On 1/17/19, Antonio Gutierrez via Groups.Io
<> wrote:
>  Thanks for the answer.
> I tried different power levels fom 20 to 60dB in High. The spike is still
> there with the same amplitude as the modulation peak.The funny thing is this
> is not happening in 435MHz with the same settings. Weird.
> Thanks again
> Kind regardsAntonio G
>    On Thursday, January 17, 2019, 10:32:15 PM GMT+1, Michael Durkin
> <Kc7noa@...> wrote:
>  Its the Lime ... the Anenuator in the Lime is not working over 70Db
> ... Adjust the Gain output until its acceptable and then see how much
> power you get out when enabling the microphone
> On 1/17/19, Antonio Gutierrez via Groups.Io
> <> wrote:
>> Hi
>> First, thanks for this piece of software. I have been playing with it and
>> after a wile I got it working in most of the modes..
>> Anyway I have been playing with the SSB modulator under windows. I have
>> tested it in 435 MHz in the Ham band with good results. I find though the
>> compresor and gain setups difficult to get right. I need to use the
>> squelch
>> and set a high value on the trigger. I tried with different USB mikes,
>> plantronics and other.
>> I wanted to report a possible bug. I set the TX in USB 23cm band,
>> 1296.150
>> MHz. The receiver was SDRsharp with an RTL donge and other times Adalm
>> Pluto. Transmiter was sometimes LimeSDR mini and other Adalm Pluto. In
>> All
>> cases, when starting the TRX I get an immediate zero beat carrier for the
>> desired TX frequency. So basically in my opinon the carrier suppression
>> does
>> not work neither LSB nor USB. I tried with Pluto and I had the same
>> issue,
>> so it seems to be the modullator carrir suppresso which in my opinon
>> should
>> be at -40dB as it is in 435.
>> Maybe it is me not getting the modulator properly configure.
>> Any Idea on how to solve it?
>> Thank you
>> Antonio
>> Ps. And not , it is not the DC spike. :-)

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