Re: Less Soapy than expected


On 06/01/2019 04:54, Edouard Griffiths wrote:

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The .deb archive provides only the SoapySDR base library. It is your responsibility to install SoapySDR in your system with the SoapySDR plugins suitable for your hardware. This is what the readme says
I am yet to find such a readme. The one in the .deb is a placeholder. The top level mentions SoapySDR once. I don't see SoapySDR referenced here:

but does not say that even with SoapySDR installed in your system there is still a little bit of work to do. You will need to do a symbolic link to the SoapySDR directory of the SoapySDR installation (in the lib directory) inside /opt/sdrangel/lib.
Symlinks created to the system SoapySDR libraries, I now have my local RSP1a working! The remote RTL-SDR dongle sometimes appears, sometimes doesn't. Not sure why. I also have a Redpitaya appear which I definitely don't have [and it doesn't work].


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