#osx Almost complete build #osx

Žiga S.


I have put up another version which should load an almost complete build of modules of the codebase:

By should I mean, they were loaded at my host,
and are waiting to be tested with other environments.
  One volunteer showed up and offered me a remote machine with: Nuand BladeRF Micro, LimeSDR Micro, RFSpace.
  I think that would be very interesting and utterly needed to come to an end of the runtime "beta" testing for OS X releases.
  \ o / !!!
Please aware, that may be the dylibs duplication, where if your system had already installed some of the versions....
I would be very happy if some problems occur, which will do,
that you try to run from Terminal app and report logs to me so I can see conflicts.
Open Terminal and paste: /Applications/SDRangel.app/Contents/MacOS/SDRangel

Thank you and best wishes in an upcoming fresh year!


Cheerz, Z

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