Re: MacOS deployment #github #osx

Dana Shtun

I have the spectrum display set up much cleaner now, took some playing with controls.
Very Stable with the HackRF now on MacOS Mojave!!

Transmit and Receive  with Hack RF from 50 Mhz to 5760 Mhz now.  This is very nice !! 

Just needs :
1. A nice “tuning knob” GUI!
2. PUSH TO TALK SWITCH to go from RX to TX …  is Possible with HackRF as its half duplex. ie a toggle to go from RX to TX  (Turn R0 off and R1 ON etc)

Dana VE3DS

On Dec 28, 2018, at 19:47, Žiga S. <ziga.svetina@...> wrote:

Can you provide me with a screen shot?


Cheerz, Z

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